Deactivated an explosive device of the American Navy on a beach in Nerja

The Nerja City Council Security Councilor has reported that a controlled explosion of a US Navy signaling flare has been carried out on the high seas of the US Navy on Burriana beach.

👉 See the video of the controlled explosion of the device in Nerja (Diario Sur)
Informative press release from the Nerja City Council

Once the device had been located on the beach of Nerja, the Local Police quickly proceeded to cordon off the area.

Everything has happened next to the stone of San Juan, in the area where the fishermen of Nerja go to fish.

After cordoning off the area, the Civil Guard and Specialist Technicians in Deactivation of Explosive Devices (TEDAX) have been mobilized, who have been in charge of assessing the situation.

When verifying that it was indeed a military device, the intervention of the Spanish army was requested.

After this, specialists from the Spanish Navy have traveled to the area and have been in charge of exploiting the device in a controlled manner.

These types of military flares are not an explosive device, but contain flammable elements (whether used or not). Therefore, a strict action protocol must be followed for its destruction.

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