Electric bike rental in Nerja

Electric bike rental Nerja

Move on wheels in Nerja, visit the beaches of Nerja by electric bike, rent your electric bike in Nerja. Electric trekking and walking bicycles.

Stroll through Nerja, stroll through the center of Nerja, between the small streets of the historic center, visit maro. If you need to make longer distances than you are used to or simply need help with an electric motor. Our electric bikes will be perfect for you. Bicycles can be used in different modes (Eco – Tour – Sport – Turbo). Some bicycles are equipped with a luggage rack to hold panniers. They are available with high and low bar frames in various sizes.

ELECTRIC BICYCLE FOR RENT + ACCESSORIES. When renting the electric bicycle for several days we give you a charger. We also give you a spare camera, tools to repair it in case of puncture or for its adjustment and a padlock. In any case, we advise you never to leave it out of sight, even if it is tied. Other accessories can be found within cycling accessories, such as drums, headlights, etc. which are not included in the rental price.

Do you want action? Rent a video camera to record your exits. We also offer accessories to record your bike routes. GoPro rental in Nerja.

PRICES for electric bike rental in Nerja.

1 DAY 35 €
2 DAYS € 60
3 DAYS 90 €
4 DAYS € 110
5 DAYS 125 €
6 DAYS € 140
1 WEEK 160 €
2 WEEKS 290 €
3 WEEKS 380 €
4 WEEKS or more € 115 / week

If you need to rent an electric bike in Nerja, or book your electric bike for a long stay, ask us for prices and availability without obligation. -> Write to us and we help you.

** If you need to rent a scooter in Nerja or receive an offer. Please, send us a message. And let’s help you find the best place to rent cheap scooter in Nerja.

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  1. David Toner

    Hi any chance of renting an electric scooter today or tomorrow?

    1. Ciara

      Can I rent a bike for the day either tomorrow Tuesday or Wednesday.

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