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Luggage Storage and Locker services in Nerja

Store your luggage safely on your trip to Nerja.

Ideal for early or late check.out. Luggage storage in the center of Nerja, near the beaches of Nerja or luggage storage in the bus station of Nerja.

Sometimes you have to take advantage of time. And time is money. But the accommodations have rules and there are schedules of entry and exit. If you need to travel and store your bags.

We can help you We can recommend where to store your luggage in Nerja for a few hours, for days or for a long season if you return to Nerja on another occasion or next year.

Nerja Long term Storage

We can recommend establishments for the storage of luggage, store suitcases, store boxes with towels, personal belongings or objects for your next visit to Nerja

From just € 10 / day, you can store your luggage, bags or luggage for a few hours, days or weeks, until you are ready to pick them up. Or they can also send it to you, anywhere in the world they need.

You can lighten your load while you are on vacation, traveling through Andalucia or on your business trip.

  • Store to keep luggage.
  • Store to keep bicycles.
  • Reload phones.
  • Warehouse luggage storage in Nerja.
  • Save your bags for one hour.
  • Save your luggage for hours.
  • Showers
  • Toilets and services.
  • Nerja Lockers
  • Locker Nerja Services
  • Save your luggage in Nerja and Frigiliana.
  • Luggage storage in Nerja
  • Baggage storage in Nerja

Take advantage of all the time of your trip. Save your luggage, travel through Andalusia and then pick it up again.

If you need a luggage storage, keep your luggage in your luggage to make the most of your stay in Nerja. If you need to store your luggage to visit the beaches, Frigiliana, etc., do not hesitate to write us. We help you .. -> Write to us and we help you.


If you have arrived in Nerja before you can check-in at your hotel or apartment (or need a late check-out) or maybe you would like to travel to other nearby cities for a few days (traveling light luggage), or enjoy a excursion, or you have arrived in Nerja for a single day and want to enjoy a ride without luggage, leave your bags in a safe place in Nerja!

You only need to leave your luggage at the ticket office in Nerja – Costa del Sol, in the center of Nerja, or at the bus station in Nerja, keep your key and return when you want to for your luggage!

Information about the Schedule:

The slogan is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. During these hours you can leave / collect your luggage.

Ticket Office Details & Size:

  • A locker stores 1 large suitcase or 3 small suitcase-sized suitcases. If you have questions, you can check before booking.
  • Box Office Dimension: 50 x 60 x 90 (cm).

Information about Prices:

  • Box office for 1 day from 10hrs – 20hrs: € 10. (You can put it in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon / evening).
  • Ticket office for one night from 20:00 p.m. – 10 p.m. (The place of the slogan will be closed at night.Staff not open during these hours): € 10.
  • 1 Box office for a full day 24h: € 15.
  • Rent a storage room: We have warehouses to store your bicycle, kayak, or large luggage. For this you must ask us for a personalized quote. But the price approx is: € 25 / day
  • Private garage rental: You need a parking or a private garage to store your vehicle, moped or bicycle in the center of Nerja. Ask us for a quote
  • Special Offer for travelers who need to keep their bags, bicycle or packages for long stay. (example: If you have rented an apartment, and you have accumulated a number of items that you have been buying for your return to Nerja in the coming years, we will keep your box in the warehouse).

Contact us to reserve the Special Offer during your tour, vacations, excursions or book a store to store your luggage! ?

  • More details about the consignment service …
  • Remember your box office number and keep your key well.
  • Free WIFI on site.
  • Possibility of printing documents.
  • Video lockers monitored through security company.

Guided tours or information about Nerja, Apartment rental in Nerja or Book tickets for the Nerja Caves contact with Nerja Holidays

Nerja is an incredible place to enjoy an excellent holiday. And also an incredible city to live in. You can rent or buy a house in Nerja at the best price directly with the owner. – Long stay Nerja – the best place to enjoy a long stay in Spain.

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