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⭐ Málaga Christmas lights – 📅 first day, 🎇 light show, ⌚ schedules and 🚌 buses from Nerja.

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Enjoy Malaga at Christmas. Christmas lights, schedules of the Christmas lights passes, Christmas markets, where to buy in Malaga, transport and where to eat in Malaga.

⌚ Malaga Lights Hours
🚀 What to see in Malaga
👉 Malaga free tours
🚌 Bus to go from Nerja to Malaga
🚶‍♀️ Excursions to see the lights of Malaga
🥘 Where to eat in Malaga

Christmas begins with the typical lighting of the Calle Larios Christmas lights, well, the beginning of Christmas already has a date. Although Christmas officially begins on December 24 according to the religious holiday. Christmas in Malaga starts earlier, many people wait for the Christmas lights to go shopping in Malaga and take advantage of and see the Christmas lights.

Christmas lights are turned on in Malaga in November, usually the last weekend of November. And this show and Christmas lights will illuminate the city from November 26 until the end of Christmas.

⌚ Hours of the Larios Street Lights
🚌 Where to catch the bus to go from Nerja to Malaga?
🚶‍♀️ Organized excursions to see the lights of Malaga

The sound and light show will regain prominence in the center of Malaga.

The lights of Malaga are a spectacle and a perfect excuse to go to Malaga for a day.

Many towns organize excursions and buses to see the Christmas lights of Malaga.

When do the Christmas lights in Malaga come on?

Passes and schedules of the lights of Malaga.

When do the Christmas lights in Malaga come on?

The Christmas lights will be turned on on November 26 in Malaga

Passes and schedules of the lights of Malaga.

Normally there are about 2 or 3 daily passes for the lights of Calle Larios

Malaga Christmas lights songs

We know the songs at Christmas. The company does not notify until days before.

How long do the lights last?

They usually last about 10 minutes. About 3 songs

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