📃 Where to print the Passenger Locator Forms filled in Nerja? 🖨

If you need to print the passenger location form before traveling to the UK, you can print it in Nerja. This is very easy.

where to download the passenger location form?

You can download the forms on the official website of the UK government. Here:

Where can I print it in Nerja?

You can go to any bookstore or copy shop, and they will print this document. If you have time, you can send us the documents via email. And we take care of printing for you and taking to your accommodation.

Print at the hotel

Print the passenger location forms at the hotel where we are staying. You can ask to have this document printed for you. In many cases this will be free. And the hotel won’t charge you for printing documents.

Print at a copy shop

You can go to a copy shop, send the documents and they will print right away. You can try this in several copy shops in Nerja. If you have questions, leave us a comment and we will help you.




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Print documents in Nerja

If you have to print any document, you can send us an email and we will help you. There are many copy shops in Nerja where you can print your documents for less than 1 euro.

Doubts about the passenger location forms

If you have doubts, or don’t know how to fill in. We help you. Write below in the comments and we will help you.

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