Spain is today the most polluted country in the world. Nerja dawns under a blanket of dust.

Photos Nerja, By @ Costa Lovers

Nerja woke up today with its beaches, its streets and its cars full of dirt and dust. The dust from the Sahara has left all the streets stained with dust with a reddish color. But this has not been only in Nerja. This has happened in almost all of Spain.

Today Spain woke up covered in dust. The “calima” makes Spain the most polluted country in the world. (only this Tuesday). Ahead of China and India.

Historic irruption of Saharan dust, haze and poor air quality.

Spain is affected by a historic intrusion of Saharan dust that is dangerously raising air quality, potentially affecting human health. All this generated by a storm.

Historical fact: #Spain ranks first in the “most polluted country” of the Earth overtaking #China and #India by #SaharanDust , particulate matter #PM10#PM25 Why What is this unprecedented fact?

Photos of Nerja


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