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🍺 St. Patrick´s Day 2022 in Nerja ☘


Nerja has a large community of Irish neighbors. For this reason, many bars and pubs celebrate ST Patrick’s Day in a big way. Many Irish people enjoy the holidays in honor of Saint Patrick`s.

Commemorating the death of Ireland’s patron saint is a festivity, not only on Irish soil, but in cities around the world. Clovers, beer and the color green as a common denominator to celebrate this day that becomes more popular in Spain with each passing year.

In Nerja all the Irish bars and pubs celebrate this festivity in honor of their patron saint. All Irish pubs dress in green to celebrate beer day, there are live performances and many more surprises.

Some bars where you can enjoy a beer on St Patricks Day in Nerja.

The irish harp Bar, Irish Annies´s, KMS, Buskers Bar, Murphy´s Irish Bar, Anchor Bar, Gitzerald´s Bar, Cochran´s Bar.

You can see the complete list on google or tripadvisor. Check Here: Irish Pubs in Nerja

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