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If you come to Nerja you have to try its gastronomy. And you’ll have to go for tapas, whether you want to or not, because if you do not go for tapas, you’ll leave without knowing part of Nerja. There are many things to do and places to visit in Nerja, including its great bars where tapas and savor the typical food of this coastal town. Nerja is a town with many tapas bars. If you visit Nerja you can not miss the pleasure of having a good cold beer in one of its chiringuitos or terraces.

– Gambas al Pil Pil
– Croquetas

Patatas Bravas”

Aceitunas. (olives).

Normalmente es una de las tapas mas comunes, pero esto es solo un pequeño aperitivo. Las olivas son el fruto del olivo. Las olivas pueden estar rellenas de pimiento, anchoas, sin hueso o con hueso. Las aceitunas es una de las tapas mas comunes.

¿Como pedir las tapas?

Ponme una de gambas a la plancha, una sardina, unas almejillas, un calamar, un mejillon, unas aceitunas, un plato de revuletos, pistachos o abellanas. Tapas hay de todo tipo. Aprende y elige el mejor lugar para tomar unas tapas. 🙂

Which tapas choose?

There are many typical tapas on the menus of the bars here we leave you with some descriptions of only a few that you will surely find in the menu.

Aceitunas (Olives)

Olives are considered as the queens of tapas and there is a wide range of varieties of table olives, such as: hojiblanca, gordal, carrasqueña, manzanilla, cacereña

Boquerones en vinagre (Anchova in vinegar)

These are clean anchovy loins marinated in abundant vinegar, garlic and parsley.

Before serving, they should be kept bathed in the vinegar for at least 6 hours at rest, so that the loins will go from having a brown colour to becoming white as the vinegar takes effect.

Chipirones o puntillas

The fried squid lid or tiptoe consists of small fried squid that can also be taken with lemon and some mayonnaise.

Ensaladilla Rusa (Russian salad)

Its base ingredient is potatoes and mayonnaise and the rest of the ingredients change by region.

Tuna and boiled eggs are not usually missing. There are also variants that include prawns, chicken, peas, crab sticks, olives, peppers, etc.

Gambas al pil pil (Prawns al pil pil)

Pil pil sauce is a typical Basque cuisine sauce whose basic ingredients are extra virgin olive oil, garlic and chilli.

Its curious name pil pil is nothing more than an onomatopoeia of the sound that prawns make in the casserole when serving them, since, one of its characteristics is that they are usually slammed in a casserole that keeps their temperature so high, that keep boiling on the table.

Jamón ibérico (Iberian ham)

Iberian ham is a classic of Spanish tapas and its gastronomy in general. There are different varieties, the most prestigious being the well-known black leg ham, which comes from the Iberian pig fed with acorns.

Often, this ham variant is considered a gastronomic luxury and is used in gourmet cuisine.


It is a cream or puree that can be taken as a tapa or also as a main dish or starter.

It’s made from crushed breadcrumbs, which are called a majado or telera, to which garlic, olive oil, salt, tomatoes and vinegar are added. It is common to serve with ham shavings, picatostes or hard-boiled egg pieces on the surface.

There are many places to take tapas in Nerja. We would be short if we wanted to create a list. For this reason we recommend to come with time and investigate.

If you want a good paella, you can go to a bar in Nerja, La Barca Merendero, Ayo Parrilla, El Moreno, Jose Cruz, Chiringuito Torrecilla. Many are the places to taste a good paella.

The specialty. «El espeto de Sardinas». It is the typical dish par excellence in the Malaguena coast.

If you are looking for tapas, we also recommend: Bar el Pulguilla, Marisqueria la Marina, Bar La Puntilla, El Sevillano, Dolores el Chispa, Paco Mari, El Roble, La Rienda, Bar 34, La Piqueta, MO Gastrotapas, the Volapie tavern and so many good bars to have a beer, a good fish, and some good tapas.

Fried fish, good and rich. 

TAPAS BARS IN NERJA. The bars «de Tapas» are typical bars of this area of ​​Andalusia. These bars offer free tapas when you order a drink. This only happens in Andalucia. Every time you order a glass of wine, beer or soda. This drink will be accompanied by its free tapa. Only in the area designated for tapas. There are tapas bars and bars that have a tapas area. (in the zone of bars, high tables or barrels). In the restaurant area does not include free lid.

In beers you will find everything, including Heineken, Cruzcampo, San Miguel, Estrella Galicia, Mahou, Estrella Levante, etc. etc.

Here we recommend some bars, pubs and restaurants to go for tapas:

BAR «LA PUNTILLA». Calle Bolivia, 1, Nerja. Typical brewery and seafood restaurant in the area. Ideal to taste fresh fish from the area. It is very close to the apartments of Calle San Miguel, nº22.

BAR «EL CHISPA.» Calle San Pedro, 12. A few meters from the Bar «La Puntilla». It is another famous restaurant in the area. For its good fish, its terrace and its tapas.

BAR «LA MARINA». Calle Castilla Pérez, 28. (Plaza La Marina). Marisqueria of the zone, ideal to taste of all type of fish. A good place to have a few beers in Nerja.

BAR «EL PULGUILLA». Calle del Almirante Ferrándiz, 26. Very popular restaurant bar in the area. It has a large terrace. The area of ​​the bars and high tables is the perfect area to taste their famous tapas.

BAR «EL SEVILLANO». Calle Gloria 14. Tavern with tapas and restaurant. Typical Andalusian bar, decorated in the purest style of an Andalusian Andalusian tavern. Ideal for a good wine, beers and tasting the famous Andalusian tapas. Tapas and restaurant tavern.

BAR «PACOMARI». Gloria Street Small tapas tavern. The area to taste tapas is the top part. You can see a small bar, high tables and several small tables on the street. In the lower part we have the restaurant.

BAR «ROUND». Gloria Street Tapas bar, brewery and wines, is characterized by a large round central bar, and you can see all the tapas around these showcases.

BAR «LA TABERNA DEL VOLAPIÉ». Chaparil street. Ideal for a good wine and a good tapa of ham or prawns. The Volapié winery is just 200 meters from the Tutti Fruti square. Tapas bar, restaurant, brewery and wines.

BAR «LA PIQUETA». Calle Pintada, 8, 29780 Nerja, Málaga. Ideal for a good wine and a good tapa of ham. It is a bar with very good tapas. Tapas bar, restaurant, brewery and wines.

BAR TAPERIA «LA RIENDA». Calle el Chaparil, 18, 29780 Nerja, Málaga. Ideal for a good wine and good tapas. It is a bar with very good tapas, near tutifruti square, ideal to continue the party in the area of ​​march. Tapas bar, restaurant, brewery and wines.

In Nerja there are many tapas bars, this is just a small recommendation.

Do you know of any more? Leave us a comment, and we will add it to this list.

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