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How to get to Nerja

Do you want to visit Nerja? Did you see the blue summer series and want to know the corners of the most popular series of the 80s? Its scenarios, its beaches, etc? Have you heard of Nerja and do not know how to get there? Here we help you a little.

Getting to Nerja is very easy. From any point of the national territory. Or from any country.

If you are traveling from outside Spain, we recommend that you book a flight directly to the main airports in Spain, or to Andalusia. By proximity, we recommend arriving directly at the Malaga airport. It is the third airport with the highest number of flights in Spain. And sure you find a good deal from your destination. But if you do not have luck. You can also catch a flight to any other Spanish airport, be it Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville or Valencia. And after this take a bus, taxi, or blablacar to NERJA.

If you have arrived to Malaga on a regular flight. We explain how to get to Nerja.

From Malaga airport to Nerja.
* In TAXI from Malaga airport:
Take a taxi from the airport to Nerja. From € 69 for a max of 4 people. And about € 90 for a max of 6 people. We recommend booking the taxi before. And so get better prices. Here you can see some recommendations of companies that offer a transport / transfer service from Malaga to Nerja.

* By BUS from Malaga airport:
In two simple steps:

STEP 1: From the Malaga airport —-> To the center of Malaga (bus station of Malaga): You can see the information of the buses and schedules here: Malaga / buses-urbano.html # 1237554407937

STEP 2: From the bus station in Malaga —–> At the bus station in Nerja. The service is offered by the company ALSA, you can see the schedules and book through the web, or at the same station. see routes and schedules at

**** TIP: every day there is a direct shuttle bus from Malaga airport to Nerja. This service is offered by the company ALSA.ES, you can also check the schedules and book online through their website or in English

* By CAR from Malaga airport:
From the Malaga airport to Nerja, there are less than 60 km. You can make the journey by car. We recommend some car rental companies in Malaga / Rent a car in Malaga. And you can rent a car at Malaga airport and return it the last day at Malaga airport before traveling back to your country or place of origin. If you travel by car. Take the A7 towards Motril-Almeria, pass Velez Malaga and take exit 292 towards Nerja.

If you come from another area or by other means. It is also possible to arrive by car or bus. Or even by uber, blablacar and Cabify.
By car
From Malaga
Take the A7 towards Motril-Almeria, pass Velez Malaga and take exit 292 towards Nerja.
From Granada
Take the A44 towards Motril, when the road ends take the A7 in the direction of Málaga, pass Almuñecar and take exit 292 towards Nerja.
From Almería
Take the A7 towards Málaga, pass Almuñecar and take exit 292 towards Nerja.
By bus
Nerja is connected to Malaga, Almeria and Granada with the company of Alsa.
The nearest port is Malaga.

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